About Relief List

Relief List was started by Houston branding agency, Circle Fifty Creative, as a way to help more people than they could on their own as a small business.

Relief List is designed to make it easy for people to get help and make it easy for people to find ways they can help meet needs after recent disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Why Relief List?

Founder of Circle Fifty Creative, Justin Keller’s house was only three houses away from being someone who needed help. And like Justin, so many people do not want to burden other people with their needs, and so they do not say anything. But when Justin would talk to those who had been spared, he would hear people say they did not know where to get started when it comes to helping. So Justin, his developer, Corey Brown, and his team decided to create a platform that made could connect those with needs to the people who were wanting to meet the needs that existed.

What needs are Relief List designed to meet?

The goal of the site is to help meet practical needs that exist immediately, and even months, after disasters like recent hurricanes. It isn’t a place to donate money or ask for money, and it’s not a place to get free work to rebuild your house. The site is designed to help meet practical needs and create opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Some of the needs we are helping fill include babysitting, cleaning supplies, clothing and bedding, demolition and clean up, furniture replacement, home repair, housing, meals, moving, and yard clean up.

How It Works

Listing needs are designed to be safe and secure. Listing needs only requires a first name and zip code, along with the needs that you have. The person listing needs will choose one, or two forms of contact information – phone and email. Once the need is submitted, people will be able to search the website by category and zip code and contact the people they want to help.

If you have any questions or would like more information, email: help@relieflist.com

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