Do you need help after Hurricane Irma?

Posted on: Sep 14, 2017

Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters can destroy the life those in that area once knew and potentially cost lives. Hurricane Irma followed Hurricane Harvey’s suit in Texas and caused severe damage throughout Florida. If you live in that are, do you need help after Hurricane Irma?

Do you need help after Hurricane Irma?

While it can be overwhelming after a natural disaster, you are not alone in this journey to restoration. If you need help after Hurricane Irma, Relief List is here to provide you a platform to meet your needs. Cleaning up, filing insurance claims, getting back into a regular schedule and rebuilding your life is a lot to do. Sometimes, things either get forgotten or you don’t have enough energy or strength to do it yourself. We have created a list of basic needs that anyone going through this season could need.


When you are on hold with FEMA or are filing an insurance claim, the last thing that most people need is to entertain their children. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the tasks you need to do, click here to list your babysitting needs.

Yard Clean Up

Floodwater and the clean up process can destroy your yard. Often, heavy pick up is not able to get every nail or piece of trash. If you need help cleaning up your yard to make it safe again, Relief List offers this need as something you can ask for. From cleaning off the sidewalks, removing any broken branches/trees, and picking up trash, this simple task of yard clean up can start to make things feel a little more normal.

Cleaning Supplies

After a storm like Hurricane Irma strikes, removing mold and disinfecting anything the floodwater touched is critical to your health. But it often requires a substantial amount of cleaning supplies. Sign up on Relief List for volunteers to donate cleaning supplies and help you disinfect your home.


During the clean up process, it is not always healthy or possible for you to remain living in your home. If you are in need of temporary housing, there are people looking to offer up their garage apartments, second house, or guest rooms. Do not put your life at risk because you are not able to afford to put up your family in a hotel.

Home Repairs

Hurricane Irma caused enormous devastation to homes across Florida – mostly wind and rain damage. If you are in need of home repairs, click here to list your needs and get help after Hurricane Harvey.


Do not let something as simple as a meal stress you out during this recovery period. Instead, list your needs with Relief List to get connected with people who can provide warm meals for you and your family.

Clothing & Bedding

Some other basic needs that Relief List has identified as needed includes clothing and bedding. If your clothing and bedding were damaged by the recent Hurricane Irma, there are people standing by that are willing to donate these items. Why list those needs on Relief List rather than go to a donation center? You will be able to list your sizes and direct needs. If you go to a donation center, you cannot expect a certain quality, size, or amount of clothes available.

In addition, there are people that are willing to offer laundry services to clean up any clothing or bedding lightly impacted by the floodwaters. Need help after Hurricane Irma? These basic needs will help life your spirits.

Demolition & Clean Up

If you do not have the tools, experience, or strength to remove flooring, throw out damaged furniture, or cut out sheet rock, you need to enlist a team of volunteers to help out. The more people involved, the more quickly that clean up is finished. How quickly should you be removing flooding, sheet rock, and furniture? As soon as possible. Don’t wait; click here to list your demolition and clean up needs.

Moving / Trucks

Sometimes, lacking something as simple as a truck to move things can greatly impact your efficiency and productivity of cleaning up. If you are in need of assistance in that capacity, list it as a need on Relief List.

Find Volunteers

Relief List has made finding volunteers and getting your needs met easier by creating a platform for those that need help after Hurricane Harvey. If you are interested in learning more about what Relief List is doing and how we’re contributing to the relief efforts of Hurricane Irma, click here.