How to Get Help After Hurricane Irma

Posted on: Sep 18, 2017

After a storm like Hurricane Irma makes landfall, those in the path need to deal with a multitude of issues including wind and water damage. If you and your family were affected by Hurricane Irma, Relief List has put together a how to get help after Hurricane Irma guide.

How to Get Help After Hurricane Irma

Regardless of where you get an inch of water in your home or six feet, the damage is still severe and results in many weeks of recovery. You will need to get help after Hurricane Irma to rip out the flooring, remove wet sheet rock and insulation, disinfect everything, throw out anything damaged, prevent the spread of mold, and recover any losses. It can quickly become an overwhelming experience. This is how to get help after Hurricane Irma.

Ask Your Neighbors

First, you can start asking your neighbors for assistance. But if you were flooded, they were mostly likely flooded and are unable to help you. Although asking your neighbors is the easiest, it may not be the best option to get help after Hurricane Irma.

Ask Your Community or Church

Many churches are gathering their resources and connections together to mobilize teams to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma. If your neighbors are not able to help, reach out to your local church or community for help. By doing this, you will have access to a much larger pool to help than if you were to just ask your neighbors.

Ask Relief List

Lastly, Relief List was created to meet the basic needs of those who need help after Hurricane Irma. As the storm distances itself from the present, many relief organizations will move onto other natural disaster. You will be left behind to finish the recovery and restoration stages. Thankfully, there are volunteers that still want to help you through this recovery process. Relief List has listed the following tasks as basic needs.

  • Moving / Trucks
  • Furniture Replacement
  • Babysitting
  • Demolition and Clean Up
  • Yard Clean Up
  • Meals
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Home Repair
  • Housing

You can list your needs on Relief List here.

Our Process to Get Help After Hurricane Irma

As a business impacted by the recent Hurricane Harvey, Relief List has those impacted by Hurricane Irma close to our hearts. Because Relief List was created out of addressing the needs of our community, we are extending this opportunity for you. This platform will help those affected by any disaster in the United States.

Our process to get help after Hurricane Irma starts with listing your needs. Then, volunteers will contact you to help fill your needs. Start your listing here.