How To Help Disaster Survivors In Florida

Posted on: Sep 13, 2017

Hurricane Irma has caused severe damage throughout the Caribbean and up through Florida. One of the most commonly asked questions in the part of the United states is how to help disaster survivors in Florida. As a result, Relief List has created a guide on how to help those disaster survivors in Florida.

What is Relief List? It’s a platform, created by Circle Fifty Creative, to address the need of connecting survivors of a natural disaster to willing volunteers. We saw this need after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas.

How to Help Disaster Survivors in Florida

There are several ways to help disaster survivors in Florida and southeastern United States. The first is to simply offer help, then clean up damaged areas, provide support, and give the basic necessities for living.

Offer Help

Even though this is a simple way to help disaster survivors in Florida, offer help. It is the taking that first step in offering help that can be the hardest, but it is the most needed. If you are seeking to help those impacted by the recent Hurricane Irma, please click here to see the needs in your area.

Clean Up Damaged Areas

The clean up stage of helping disaster survivors is the hardest and longest part of recovery. Hurricane Irma victims need your help to rip out wet sheet rock, remove damaged flooring, throw out unrepairable furniture, and disinfect anything touched by the flood waters. With enough people, this entire process can take a day. But without enough labor, disaster survivors in Florida are looking at days to clean up the damage in their homes. Want to volunteer? Click here to research the needs of disaster survivors in Florida.

Provide Support

After a hurricane or any natural disaster strikes, those impacted feel more than just the physical toll. Disaster survivors in Florida are emotionally exhausted and spiritually lost. They need your support more than ever in these upcoming weeks – even if it comes from a stranger. Help support your fellow neighbor. Help them survive the recovery and restoration processes.

Give Basic Necessities

Diapers, food, water, bedding, clothing, and cleaning supplies are all things that disaster survivors in Florida need in this moment. If you are willing and able, please consider donating the basic necessities either to a disaster relief organization or to specific people who have requested those items.