How To Help Disaster Survivors In Texas

Posted on: Sep 13, 2017

Over two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeaster Texas and up through Louisiana. It wiped out some towns and caused severe damage to others. Circle Fifty Creative launched Relief List after seeing a huge population need help and a huge population that wanted to help disaster survivors in Texas. As a result of this gap, Relief List was created to be the platform that connects disaster survivors with volunteers.

How to Help Disaster Survivors in Texas

Disaster survivors in Texas need your help. Regardless of your physical or financial abilities, you are able to help contribute to the needs in Texas.

Offer Help

The best way to help disaster survivors in Texas is to simply offer help. First, determine what help you are able to offer. Then connect with those that need what you are offering. The most important part is to hold up your hand and offer help. There are several organizations and thousands of people that need your help. For example, disaster relief organizations are looking for donations of time, money, and goods whereas people may ask for that, but they are looking for man power, support, and the basics.

Clean Up Damaged Areas

Although a simple way to help disaster survivors in Texas, cleaning up is so essential right after a storm like Hurricane Harvey strikes. All you have to do is show up, help cut out sheet rock, disinfect anything that

Provide Support

Recovering from a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey requires not only physical support, but emotional and spiritual care. If you are gifted in that area, please consider donating your time to relieve and help disaster survivors in Texas. Every single person needs support, whether or not it is listed as a need on Relief List. Send words of encouragement. Offer to take them out to coffee and give them a break. There is so much you can do to provide that needed support.

Give Basic Necessities

Basic necessities, such as food, clothing, bedding, water, diapers, housing, and cleaning supplies, are help disaster survivors in Texas in the simplest ways. By providing those basic needs, survivors are able to focus on much more pressing needs such as dealing with insurance and cleaning their homes. If you are interested in providing basic necessities to those impacted, search for families that need your help here.

What Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors Need

Hurricane Harvey survivors need help. Whether that is through the donation of time or good or just support, survivors of Hurricane Harvey need your help more than ever. Click here to learn the needs of those in your zip code and reach out to them. Offer your time, strength, and encouragement. Be the light they need in their lives right now.