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Feels like Im drowning financially and mentally; with no flotation device or help in sight. Between being made aware that a petition for divorce was filed by my ex husband ( which I cannot afford legal aid for), with being evicted last month from The Women's Home Family Place Apts (77055) due to non-payment of my $934rent for Jan. And partial balance owed for Dec, in which I could not pay due to loss of income and having to try to use what little monies I did have for repairs to my car that is literally falling apart and breaking down due to suspension problems, not to mention, on yesterday, while in the process of trying to move my things out and into a storage unit, I was served court papers-- sued for custody of my daughter. I just want to relocate far far away from TX. Don't have enough strength to put up a fight against him for custody of my daughter because I don't have the strength to fight. I just want to lay my burdens down.. I'm standing on faith and trusting that God will make a way.

Areas of need

  • Housing
  • Moving / Trucks
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