Safety Tips

When disaster hits, you need to get help or get involved. Relief List was created to be a place where help happens. But to protect our volunteers and those in need, we have made safety our priority. Although the overwhelming majority of Relief List needs are trustworthy and well-intentioned, there are a couple safety tips that we advise everyone takes.

With hundreds of needs listed, we have never had an incident. We at Relief List take the better safe, than sorry approach. Please take the same common sense precautions as you would anywhere else.

When you are volunteering, please remember to:

  • Tell a friend of family member where you are going when you volunteer
  • Take your cell phone along, if you have one
  • Consider having a friend of family member accompany you – the more, the merrier
  • Trust your instincts
  • Have the proper equipment to protect yourself (work gloves, boots, masks, etc.)
  • Be careful when buying or selling high value/bulk supplies
  • Do not accept any gifts or compensation for your help

When you have volunteers come to your house, please remember to:

  • Choose carefully the volunteers you accept
  • Plan and set a designated meeting place and time
  • Ask the names of those in your house and their relationship to your point of contact

When you take these simple precautions seriously, Relief List becomes a safer place for those in need and for those volunteering.

Be safe,
Relief List