What is Relief List?

Posted on: Sep 18, 2017

In the past couple weeks, the United States has seen two major hurricanes strike the continental US: Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Relief List was created immediately after Hurricane Harvey when we saw a huge need to connect volunteer to those than need help.

What is Relief List?

Relief List was launched by Circle Fifty Creative, a Houston branding agency, as a way to help more people than possible as a small business. After recent natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, Relief List was designed to be a platform that makes it easy for people to get help as well as make it easy for volunteers to find ways they can help meet the immediate needs of those in their zip code.

Natural Disaster Relief

Other natural disaster relief efforts are underway to help recover those impacted by either Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma. As their own kind of natural disaster relief, Relief List makes listing needs easy, safe, and secure. We only ask for your first name, zip code, your needs, and either a phone number or email address for contact reasons. People search Relief List to see the needs by category or zip code and connect with those that they can help.

It Started After Hurricane Harvey

As a business headquartered in Houston, Circle Fifty Creative witnessed the immediate devastation Hurricane Harvey left behind. Founder, Justin Keller’s house was only three houses away from being flooded and needing help. Similar to Justin, we found that many people don’t want to burden other people with their needs, so instead they say nothing. But as we would talk to those not impacted by the flooding, we found that those spared did not know where to start when it comes to helping with disaster relief efforts. So Justin and his team created Relief List that made could connect those with needs to the people who were wanting to meet the needs that existed.

Hurricane Irma

Within two weeks of creating Relief List, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. FEMA, American Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army and other large disaster relief organizations were being split to address each hurricane. But there were plenty of people still able and willing to help as well as people that are in need of relief. Unfortunately, the reality is that all these organizations (even the best of them) cannot attend to every single person impacted. They need your help.

Other Natural Disasters

As other natural disasters strike the United States, it is important to have a resource to connect those in need with those that want to help out. Relief List is set up to address any zip code and any disaster. Whether it is an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc., Relief List is hear to help.

If you have questions regarding Relief, feel free to contact us here.