What Organizations Help with Hurricane Irma Relief

Posted on: Sep 13, 2017

When natural disasters like Hurricane Irma strike, it is often difficult to know where to donate goods, money and time to. But thankfully, we at Relief List have created a vetted list of what organizations help with Hurricane Irma relief.

What Organizations Help with Hurricane Irma Relief

Even though Hurricane Irma is still over the state of Florida, we know that relief efforts are already underway. Relief will be updating this list as we vet more partners that are trustworthy and reliable. Read below what organizations help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Metro Life Church

Located in South Florida, Metro Life Church has already raised its hand to provide relief efforts to those in their community impacted by Hurricane Irma. If you are able and ready to donate goods, money and time, click here to learn more.


This Fort Lauderdale based church has multiple campuses throughout South Florida – including the Florida Keys and Naples. The American Red Cross has set up the Fort Lauderdale campus to be a relief hub for victims of Hurricane Irma. For the immediate Hurricane Irma relief efforts, CalvaryFTL needs donations of goods, time, and money. To learn more about CalvaryFTL’s relief efforts, click here.

Salvation Army

As a effective organization that provides relief efforts to those impacted by natural disasters, the Salvation Army has deployed to Florida to provide relief. Unlike other organizations, they are ready to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care to both Hurricane Irma victims and relief workers. Their recent work helping with Hurricane Harvey relief was admirable and effective. This organization is a trusted and reliable one. Right now, they are seeking donations of goods and money. In order to remain in communities long-term and support disaster recovery efforts, they need your help. You can donate to the Salvation Army here.